CryptoMultiTool v1.1 chrome

✔️ CryptoMultiTool v1.1 chrome
CryptoMultiTool is chrome extension that modifies crypto-related websites, adding such features as bots, auto claiming, pieces of information, and much more! 
🧻   What's New?   🧻
1.1 - Code Upgrade
        - More Things are now executed server-side to optimize performance.
        - If the new script will get released, no need to upgrade script (auto-update)
        - Only critical bugfixes will require an upgrade.
        - Code optimization added minified so the code will load and execute faster.
1.0 - Initial release.
📥 D O W N L O A D 📥 
        ➖  Zipped Extension v1.1 [vShare]
📹 V I D E O   T U T O R I A L📹 
         ➖ ⚠️ v1.0 [UNCUT] Downloading, Installation, Usage [ O U T D A T E D ] (this tutorial is outdated, but the installation process is the same, it may be more clear for you)
         ➖ ✅ v1.1 Downloading, Installation, Overview, Testing.
        1. Download zipped tool
        2. Extract it.
        3. Open chrome
        4. Go to chrome://extensions/ 
        5. Enable developer mode
        6. Click load unpacked the archive and select folder which you have extracted (chrome_ext)
        7. Close chrome
        8. Open chrome
        9. Go to one of supporter site, it will tell you what to do.
❓Do you need assistance? Come to @EarnWalletChat or our Discord! Our staff and other users will be happy to help!
⚠️You need the Windows/Linux/OSx device for it to run!