How to create faucet? - The Complete Guide - Part one

How to create faucet? - The Complete Guide - Part one

Step 0. Get hosting.
In my case I'll need hosting with:

  • PHP (7.2)
  • MySQL
  • Large Bandwith
  • No stupid cpu limit (see alert)

⚠️DON'T USE HOSTINGER!!! It will block your website if it get too much traffic and lock all content untill you pay for it.

Check list of recommended hosting websites:

Step 0.0 You need domian.

It's not hard to get domian, simply register at and get one domain for you:

As you can see first year is free.

Click Get it now!

If it ask you what to do with this domian select forwarding to


Step 0.1 Connect domain to hosting.

After you register at FreeWHA and get your domain ( it is connected under subdomian, we don't want it so we need to Forward This Domain to on freenom.
For me it looks like this.

Now you are done with hosting :D proceed to step 1


Step 1. Creating faucet

Now you have website, but website without content, it's not really worth sending traffic to it.
You need to get script for website or create your own.
I'll NOT use FaucetCMS by deep64, I'll use FaucetHub-Faucet by Salmen2

⚠️Most of scripts provide detailed tutorial about how to deploy them, however if you have problems come to @EarnWalletDev. We'll be happy to help you!

So let's start!

First of all, you need to download script, usually big button lead you to it.

After you download your script, remember it's name and where it is kept, usually in your downloads folder

Then proceed to FreeWHA, and enable PHP

After this you need to upload your script. Use File Manager for this.

Use your FreeWHA account password to login

Then upload your zipped script:

⚠️If Archive uploader do not work upload script as file (left) and then unzip it.

Do you see new file :D?

Open it and go to upload folder

⚠️Not all script contain upload folder, on some it may not exist at all or be visible under different name, usually it is directory with index.php file

Then select all files and move them to root directory of server

Type / in textbox and then click Set all targetdirectories

WooHoo Script is installed!!! Now Let's configure it.


Step 2. Configuring

1st of all, visit your website (using subdomain, not connected domain!!!) and check if there's installation wizard, if no check for error code.

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO)

For me it is what I got after visiting website.
In FTP check for .sql file. and download it.

Then create MySQL DB

Then go to yourwebsite/phpmyadmin

And login using details given when you created DB

Open database with name equal to your Username

And import .sql file you have downloaded

And click button on bottom of page.
Then go to FTP and find config.php or something that looks like config file, in mine script it is located in includes directory, click edit and change everything that's needed.

and go to your $Website_Url (or domain you have connected)

Let the party begin!!! Go to admin panel, and configure everything you want!

User: admin
Pass: admin
If not work, check readme in your script.
We will configure everything in next tutorial!
Dead demo: