How to create faucet? - The Complete Guide - Part two

How to create faucet? - The Complete Guide - Part two

⚠️Short note: This is part two of "How to create faucet? - The Complete Guide", and we will work on previously deployed script, if you have different one script deployed this tutorial may not work for you

In previous tutorial we have created Faucet, now we fill configure it.

Step 1. Go to your admin panel

... and login

Step 2. Make faucet running

Open And change the following to whatever you want:

  • Admin Username and Password
  • Change Faucet name
  • Change Rewards
  • Timer
  • Referral Program

Then you will need to change key

How to get it?
You will need to register on

Then proceed to Faucet Manager

After this go to Your Faucets

And click

Then configure your faucet

and click Add Faucet button

Copy your API key and return back to your faucet admin page

Paste it on right place and click change


After doing this you are forced to add captcha, you need to do it for your "safety". Personally I think that but here I'll show you how to add that Google's AI training tool to your website 

First of all get API key from this website then add 2 domains, one from freenom and subdomain here:

Then copy API keys (sorry for polish language)

And paste your keys on website.


🥳🥳🥳Congratulations! You are done with configuring your faucet, now you need to add adveristments on it.

Dead demo: