Minecraft Competition!!! 5 000 Dogecoin Prize!

Much Doge. Many Giveaway.

Okey, let's start with sad thing. Dogecoin is losing it's magic. Seriously. There are too many scammers in our community, nothing awesome is happening, (Do you remember Nascar?) and that's not good. Dogecoin is best community I've ever met, and I want it to be best, or even better, but if nothing will happen dogecoin will become just another cryptocurrency... and I don't want it to happen. And that's the reason why I want to create sething that will make dogecoin awesome again with your help.

=== History ===

I want you to know something more about this competition and create something better.

I was searching for cryptocurrency games, for fun not for profit. But all I found were few on-chain games where you collect some assets and do do something with it. And few promising projects that will launch in "near future" or are already dead. 

So, because I already have experience in creating Minecraft servers (not big one but enough to create plugins, launch and maintain server) I decided to create one where main currency will be dogecoin. And what i said, i did. Plugin is working, both deposits and withdrawals, there's api for developers (under active development). It's integrated with EconomyS api created by @OneBone (Thanks for it). And idea looks promising. But there's one more thing, I don't have enough time to do everything on my own. So I decided to create competition 🥳

info: server is for mc:be aka Minecraft windows 10 edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition

=== Competition informations ===

I want you to build pixelart or any other form of building in Minecraft that will promote Dogecoin, our server or just be funny. 

Not allowed things:

Redstone too big CPU usage by server)

TNT (same reason + little damage to server may happen...)

Copying from internet.

Using generators.


We need 5 arts.

1 Big (60x60(x60)) - 3 000 Doge reward for winner.

1 Medium (30x30(x30)) - 1 001 Dogecoin reward for winner

3 Small (15x15(x15)) - 333 Doge for each winner.

[2019/07/21] - Started competition, collecting submissions

[2019/08/10] - Poll, where you will decide who will win ^^

[2019/08/20] - Announcing winners, sending rewards.

You create everything on your own world, not on server. 

How to submit? Get screenshots of what you created, or record video, and send it to me with some description (contact: mrcyjanek.net )

Rewards will be given to your account balance, available for instant withdrawal. 

Note: I restrict myself right to remove any submission and edit any rules above.

Protip: You can play mcpe for free with mcpe master (server do not require xBox auth)

Protip2: on G2A mc win10 cost 4$ or something. (if you google better you can find even cheaper (i have bought for 0.59$))

Note2: Some of you don't trust me, some don't like me. Here's address with funds: DScc82JuJJca6xBLSxQvTk68kkkkqa5E9L