Is it possible to build fully automated profit machine?

Is it possible to build fully automated profit machine?

Well, let's start from that there's nothing impossible, some things are just harder to do or require more time.

Now let's say the truth, it's hard to make money without doing anything, but it's not impossible. Those of you who have tried trading or gambling bots know that it may work, may because both of following involve risk.. but everything does, if you gamble, you may lose, if you trade you may lose, if you work you may not get paid (read: scammed), if you invest in hyips... you will most likely get scammed, even if you collect from faucets you may not get paid. There's no 100% safe method to make money. But the world belongs to the brave, if we won't try we won't know right? So let's take risk and let's do this!

> So... That's it? 

> Of course not!

Here is what I have done so far, simple command-line interface, on backed some simple but powerful stuff that will make it easy to add new methods for money making, create easy to configure dice bot, some modules, wallet interface... and for now that's it.

I have more stuff to put inside of course, for example more gambling sites support, trading support, GUI, wallet web interface. And much much more.

Do you want to try it? Buy license for just 99.99€ /month ... just kidding, here you are: GitHub link