[v.1.0] Development Kit for CryptoMultiTool.

✔️ [v.1.0] Development Kit for CryptoMultiTool.
🗒 If you are a developer, or you have a script you can use our Development Kit, it's very simple 
🌳      Scheme      🌳
└── example.com
    ├── YourScript.php
    └── load.php
❓       How?       ❓
💡You need to rename example.com to domain name your script will apply [lowercase]. 
Then rename YourScript.php to whatever you want ([A-Za-z0-9]) and paste your code inside.
In the end, edit load.php, with your name, script name, tutorial, and description.
🎊    Submission    🎊
Join our dev chat group Telegram or Discord, share your zipped file and tag @mrcyjanek, I'll be happy to add your script!
🌐    Downloads    🌐
🌎 1.0 Development Kit for CryptoMultiTool.zip