What is halving and will it affect Bitcoin price?

What is halving and will it affect Bitcoin price?

Short version, Bitcoin block mining reward halves every 210,000 blocks, and yes it will affect price.

Long version, Bitcoin supply is limited to 21'000'000 Bitcoins, every ~10 minutes new block is mined, when Bitcoin was created the reward was equal to 50BTC, but now, at time of writing the reward is lower, it's only 12.5 BTC, and soon it will be 6.25BTC, it's because every 210'000 blocks mined (it is about 4 years) reward for block halve to fit supply of 21'000'00 BTC. 

We know that history likes to repeat so let's check how Bitcoin acted on previous halving at both of them it took Bitcoin about year to hit new ath.

But will it happen again?

I think that Bitcoin price will increase, but definitely not multiply by 10, even if history proven that it is possible now it won't happen.

Why? Reason is simple, for the same reason for which dollar is not doing 10x too. People started using Bitcoin as real currency, you can pay using Bitcoin in a number of shops that grow everyday, more people of all ages keep or start using Bitcoin. We are living in historical moment when Bitcoin is becoming real currency that starts to be accepted by society. 

So once again why? Because Bitcoin is owned by large amount of people, real money is inside of it. It can't just pump&dump all the time. Don't forget that both of price pumps after halving made Bitcoin more popular, now when almost everybody at least heard of it, so promotion would not help much. 

Bitcoin price will be affected by halving of course, I'm not saying it won't. It just will be smaller growth than earlier. If you want to earn, buy and hodl, keep an eye on charts and dyor. That's the key to success and profit.

source: bitcoinist.com, my brain